Virtual SSD servers

Virtual servers with a performant network and hardware. The server can be unmanaged or managed. We can offer you servers in different countries to give you the best possible service for the requested configuration.


15,00 /m
15 Euro setup
1 vCore 2.6Ghz
512MB RAM guaranteed
10GB RAID-10 SSD storage
1TB traffic
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XEN SSD-1024

VPS SSD 1024
28,00 /m
28 Euro setup
1 vCore 2.6Ghz
1GB RAM guaranteed
30GB RAID-10 SSD storage
3TB traffic
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XEN SSD-2048

VPS SSD 2048
39,00 /m
39 Euro setup
2 vCore 2.6Ghz
2GB RAM guaranteed
60GB RAID-10 SSD storage
6TB traffic
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XEN SSD-8192

VPS SSD 8192
74,00 /m
74 Euro setup
4 vCore 2.6Ghz
8GB RAM guaranteed
120GB RAID-10 SSD storage
12TB traffic
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Included in every Virtual SSD Server

These servers are hosted in DCO2 at Belgium
Reboot your server in our control panel
Weekly snapshot of the whole machine
best-effort SLA included
1Gbit connection with a IPv4 address and an IPv6 range
Basis firewall included for inbound attacks



1TB traffic 15,00 Euro extra /TB
10TB traffic 10,00 Euro extra /TB
100TB traffic 5,00 Euro extra /TB
Overusage GB traffic 0,05 Euro per GB
Extra IP 1,00 Euro per IP / month
DirectAdmin Monthly 12,50 Euro per month
Lifetime DirectAdmin Internal 85,50 Euro lifetime
Remote hands 60 Euro per hour
Server management more info
Service Level Agreement (SLA) more info
Backup meer info